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1894 Winchester Top Eject  30-30's  from the 70's new  with saddle ring real walnut stocks and real Winchesters   Commemorating  the  50th Anniversary of the FORMER TEXAS RANGERS FOUNDATION  Produced by J. B. Custom in Texas under the watchfull  eye of Captin James Buchanan of the FORMER TEXAS RANGERS FOUNDATION  in TEXAS  3 MODELS AVAIABLE 20 INCH ROUND BLUED  $1695.00  16 INCH TRAPPER NICKEL PLATED AND ENGRAVED $1995.00 AND 20 ICH OCTAGON  GOLD PLATED AND ENGRAVED WITH DLX  RIFLE WOOD $2695.00 ALL HAVE SADDLE RING AND  50TH ANNIVERSARY GOLD MEDALION IN STOCK  CALL US AT 260-338-1894 TO ORDER YOUR REAL WINCHESTER 30-30  A PORTION OF THE PROCEEDS GOING TO THE FOUNDATION   THIS EDITION LIMITED TO  50     buyer responsible  for  FFL fees,shipping, ins. and taxes

1894 Winchester .30-30 Saddle Ring 50th Anniversary

3 Models
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